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If you are a professional psychiatrist, psychologist, social worker, teacher, first responder, counsellor or support worker, whether registered with NDIS or not, we are beginning a course to train your own dog so that you are able to take them to sessions with clients or have them at work with you.

This will be a long term "bomb-proofing" training similar to American organisations where your dog will be assessed and trained to remain calm in multiple situations that you might encounter. This therapy dog course is offered in response to the demands from professionals for their dogs to be able to offer help to their clients. 

The form of this course is training every Sunday with our assistance dog teams as we work through basic and intermediate obedience, study "bomb-proofing" techniques so that your dog can handle surprising or difficult situations and exit you with a letter stating the level of safety and public work you have achieved. We complete this training with several sessions at your place of work so that your dog knows how to react around your clients and during your working day. For more details please contact us through the contact page on this website or email us directly at

We reserve the right to assess the dog and exclude some breeds from the program.

We look forward to hearing from you


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