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Training-Agility, Assistance Dogs

Train your treasured assistance dog and he or she will thank you. Reliably controlling your dog is a must if you don't live on an isolated property. Dogs love making friends and the more varied the activity in their lives, the less problems you will have. Bored dogs are trouble, tired dogs are good dogs!

Meet our new trainer John Fraser!

We are incredibly proud to announce our new trainer John Fraser. He has an exceptional record of Defence Force Service and Dog Training. it is our privilege to have him on board.


In addition to assistance dog and public access training, we offer free agility sessions to all of our approved teams.

Come on ...let's go! I need to RUN! Look at meI can jump, weave through the poles, go tunnel and get fit all at the same time. Here's the bonus....You will get fit too.

Come play with us! It's a great way to make friends with other dog handlers.

Open to all assistance dog teams, all sizes and ages. If they are healthy and can jump and run, this a great class! dogs are put in groups according to size and personality. Y


Agilty sessions are great fun! We do not offer competition agility. Please understand we are about fun and patience and dogs and their owners enjoying their social agility class where they don't have to wear their jackets or work for an hour!


Classes are small and held in a fenced area to protect your beautiful furry buddies.

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